About the Department

Year of establishment: Katwa College: 1948-49; Chemistry General courses: 1960-61; Chemistry Honours Courses: 1982-83

The department of Chemistry of Katwa College is situated at the northern left part and at the ground floor of the main academic building. The total area of the department is ~5600 sq. ft. It consists of three lecture halls (L1, L2, L3), one general laboratory, one inorganic/organic chemistry laboratory (for Hons.), one physical chemistry laboratory(for Hons.) along with the one store room and two staff rooms for teaching and non-teaching staff respectively. Both General and Honours courses (CBCS and NEP) are being taught in this department. The students from various backgrounds and from different areas of this and nearby districts do study in this department.

Vision of the Department: To Open The Avenues Of Academia & Industry To The Learners Through Holistic Approach.

Mission of the Department: 

  • To Inculcate Scientific Reasoning & Aptitude Into The Students.
  • To Make Students Aware Of Recent Developments Of The Subject.
  • To Bridge Between Theories & Application.
  • To Offer Employable Graduates & Sensible Citizens Through Proper Counseling.

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